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From Chief Consultant

Mr. Shamser Hassan
Chief Consultant
South Asia Insurance Company Limited
Our Honourable Chief Consultant, Mr. Shamser Hassan has around 29 years of professional experience in general insurance sector. He started his career in general insurance back in 1991 from Janata Insurance Company Ltd. Thereafter He joined Megna Insurance Company Ltd. As Senior General Manager and continued till 2000. On 2001 1st February Mr. Shamser Hassan joined Express Insurance Limited as Additional Managing Director & Branch Incharge at Local Office, Dilkusha, Dhaka. He contributed substantially for the growth of the company and was appreciated by the company management. Mr. Hassan has joined South Asia Insurance Company Ltd. On May 2017 as Additional Managing Director and the of Directors gave him current charge of Chief Executive Officer and continued till 3rd April, 2022. In the meantime Mr. Hassan has joined the Company as Chief Consultant and looking after all the activities and marketing operations of all branches of the company to boost up Company business.